Saturday, July 17, 2010

Buy Krisdayanti Ring in the Market

Not yet formally divorced by her husband Raul Lemos, Lemos Atha was emotional when he learned the pop diva Krisdayanti giving a ring to show off Raul. Moreover, the ring is a ring worn KD purchased cheap at the market in the area of Bali.

"What made Atha angry, he has not officially divorced already showing-showing off the ring. And the ring was purchased at a small market in Bali. Itukan just a regular ring. I mean if you want to show off to the public who hurt his children, do not half-hearted, do not exhibit a ring purchased from the market directly middling clerk if it can buy the ring in California, or Amsterdam and gentlemen, "said Hotman Paris Hutapea, who is also legal counsel when found in Building Atha Jampidsus, AGO, Jakarta, Thursday evening.

Hotman was reluctant to comment about the willingness of Atha if later to be married with Raul KD. According to Hotman, what KD is a play when he said had broken with Raul.

"If it's allowed, I am no comment. But Mrs. Atha said two months ago for what the play cry’s to apologize, and claim to have broken up, and before I know there have not been showing off two months, showing off the ring," she said.

Regarding claims against Crossfade Atha, Atha Hotman Paris said that already do not care anymore and let him. "Mrs. Atha was not concerned with that demand. Mrs. Atha had said, 'Lu would take my husband yes please, but just know that what my husband and not a rich man,"she said. (kpl / mai / faj)